Christmas is here! *<|:^) }

Christmas is here and Fantage has whipped up a few little events to celebrate these holidays. First off, the find the Rudolf event is actually really easy. All you have to do is make sure you read the hints before attempting to search for Rudolf. It pretty much allways gives it away! Secondly, it can award you some amazing prizes such as dresses, shirts, boards and earings! Watch out Fantage! Christmas is here!

Free Gold?

Hey guys, this is just a tutorial on how to get free gold.

  1. Find a old account with awesome stuff (eg; Magical dog bone ect.)
  2. Sell it at mymall. (at minimum price for quick purchase) *the account must have a free mymall permission this is what makes it so difficult and why I have’nt tried it yet.
  3. Have your real account sell something for the amount of gold u want.
  4. Make the old account buy it.
  5. There! free gold.
  6. PS my friend has tried it and said make sure u wait a while before buying from ur real account with the old one becauz fantage knows what u r trying to do and it dosen’t let u purchase the item.
  7. Bye for now~ Hazel